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APH OC: Antarctica / South Pole { WIP } by Frozen-Q APH OC: Antarctica / South Pole { WIP } by Frozen-Q
Okay before something happens: 
OMFG Why is your oc antarctica????
I know Aph consists of mainly countries, and yes antarctica is a continent. But what about the states and the micro nations? Come on give some oc's chances. Its not canon but fun!
She is a mary sue!!!
Fine. If thats what you think go ahead- but give me reasons 
That many languages?
read the desciption uvu
Ask me questions?
Go ahead

With thought, i have chosen to change small things, and add things~ This is all WIP. Feel Free to critique. Id appreciate it a lot, Even better, send me a Note

I did not spend a whole day and night on this. i did not....

Please do not try to copy my oc- id be a bit sad.

ah but yes, hope its okay ;;w;; Theres still a lot of information i have to add so please be patient. 

p-please... do not hurt me....

Oh my gosh shes based on so many land features TwT


Official Representation Name: Antarctica /Terra Austalis {Antarktikos} /South Pole

Name: Victoria Scott Palma

Languages Spoken: English + Russian+Spanish {{3 Most common spoken languages) though she has noticeable grammar mistakes for all three }}

Age Appearance: 18- 21 ( like china, she looks very young for her age, due to the people's appearance in only 1773, which is pretty young, though believed to exist during ancient greeks )

Gender: female

Birthday: January 28th { she uses the day she was first sighted}

Height: 149-150 cm { v read v }

Continent Itself:

Representation: Antarctica/ Terra Austalais/ Antarktikos/ South Pole

Languages present: English, Russian, Spanish + 50

Age of Land: 3 billion years 

Personality: The girl with a land of ice but a heart of warmth. At first glance, distant and cold could describe her finely. Perhaps even mean or unpleasant in a quiet way. Despite these facts on the other cheek she's truthfully a girl who loves company, the support of a friend, and hearing about what lies beyond her land. As much reserved she may seem when she blooms and you get to know her she will be a kind and love every minute spent with you. Her personality ranges from individual and cold to gentle and full of mystery and opportunity. You can say despite the fact she is a lot less reserved when gotten to know, she is still a bit shy but tries to be social and polite as possible. She is rather quiet so it takes time before she will warm up to anyone. On the other hand once she has opened up to you, she will be very protective of you and have a motherly sense around you. She has some trust issues due to the different nations having different views on what to do with her. Its very easy to talk to her and she will listen to anything you'd have to say. Tell her secrets and she will bury it beneath the ice so no one will know.

Positive Abilities: She is the type of woman you could go to and she'd listen to anything you'd talk about. Its simple and she won't judge. She can be very efficient in researching and gathering information as she has practically been surrounded by scientists, she has the will to! She's very good at observing and exploring, making it easy for her to sense and see things very well. This positive trait follows the idea that Victoria is rather smart! She knows very well of intricate studies. Since she doesn't always have much things to do { due to the climate} , she will read a lot of books, which she memorizes rather quickly. Victoria believes in magic and carries minimal potential of her own. The reason to this is due to Norway and the United Kingdom's presence. For a small and more of a fragile looking individual, Victoria can be considered as pretty strong. It is required to be able to survive in the harsh climates, even for only 5 minutes can be a long project. Victoria may surprise you this way, it is also partly fault of the United State's  presence. The most unusual part about her is she has really strong sense and thought. This includes being able to sense peoples emotions, some information, and parts of their history. She will not understand most of it due to her being "clueless" in one way. She will be a bit uncomfortable depending on what situation it is. This is also because  Victoria had such small people in her land so she's grown to concern herself over the people, since her region is cold and harsh she is sensitive of the wellbeing of her people. However she will most likely think of it for a long time and not confront the person directly.

Negative Abilities: The soul is a big hearted and naive girl who can't seem to think of the world as a bad place. The perspective of the world comes deep down from the time of isolation of the girl. She may not seem to think the way other people do, which results in the clumsiness and foolish "innocence". There are things she wont understand or know of, having the simplest of things being the most unusual and unidentified in her eyes, since she has not been presented it. Victoria is the 'tag along' or the one that always agrees to what the other says. She cannot voice her opinion easily due to the fact she has no government of her own. This results in the constant of being pushed around. She will often listen and do exactly what the voices of others tell her. She may have great scientific and mathematical skills though its all plummeted due to the fact she's quite bad in writing. Writing came as the last thing after books and her spelling mistakes are horrible. So Victoria is seen as a lot less capable due to this. Victoria is not the best speaker either and is still working on even the most common of languages at her place. Due to the many different languages present to her she will be perplexed. She is slightly overprotective of her people which results in constant worrying, stress. On top of that the pressure of all the different nations present before the antarctic treaty confused her dramatically. She is a daydreamer and will often zone out and let her mind scatter. She has a small problem with the global warming and the melting of her ice. This results in low blood-pressure and sometimes blackouts. When the heating is increased she may get ill and end up having to stay in bed. Harboring an accent indistinguishable amongst all the countries, Victoria has an accent that is thick and quite heavy. It is neither one of the other countries accents. The female is cold at first and she may avoid you or stay silent. She hesitates to talk if you confuse her as well. If angered or upset she may use sharp words and turn the cold shoulder to you. Since Victoria day dreams often she will release this cold and chilling aura, also present if she is upset or angry. Thats another reason why people might be doubtful about her or end up slightly scared even if she often and most likely has no clue what's happening. She is also cold to the touch. 

Cloth: From the bottom of all her cloth, the first layer consists of a warm shirt and tights/ leggings made for the cold. Her second layer of cloth consists of another shirt {long-sleeved}/ vest and a sweeter together with thick pants, as well as warm socks.  It covers her body from under her knees and top. Ontop of that there are waterproof pants. At the very top she wears a trench like, brown woolen coat. The coat is quite heavy and waterproof. It is outlined with gold linings and buttons. To her heart chest area she has a badge of her own most common used flag in antarctica. She normally keeps heat packs in her sleeves, even if they barely work. Victoria wears tight dark blue gloves as well as brown boots. They have small jagged edges to help her walk around the land, since most may be slippery and she can fall. Her coat also comes with a "hoodie". She pulls it up when she goes outside and tie her scarf tightly around it as well. She will use a pair of thick goggles to protect her  from the sun's arrays that reflect upon the cold snowy ground. She is also normally seen with earmuffs that match the colors of the rest of her cloth. It tends to protect her ears as well. In full Sub Zero she may wear something with a double water proof coat with her scarf tightly wrapped around her. The colors of the cloth match the antarctic treaty 

flag.Features/Appearance: Antarctica has one curl to the left of her head. It represents the Antarctic Peninsula. Victoria has light blue eyes and jet black long hair, which when she goes outside puts inside her "hood" and hide due to the wind and the cold. She is a "petite" young lady with small, cold hands. Overall she has a more child like. In general she has a small chest and don't really have hips. Her arms, despite looking somewhat small is pretty sturdy and hard. As well for her legs. Victoria has a small egde like nose and her eyes are bigger. She always tends to have a light blush on her face, probably due to the cold.  She is a pale and nearly fragile looking miss who is rather strong, like ice itself.

From where does it all come from? {{ her appearance }}: Why is she so small? The reason for this reflects upon the normal percentage of people who actually are present in antarctica. She barely has any people. Especially for having such a big landmass. And there is no permanent residents once again. Economically and developed wise there is none. Black hair comes from the regions main resource which is coal, Another also being the asian influences of having darker hair. Also there is a reason why its unnaturally long. Since it does represent how big the landmass itself is. So her hair is the size and her body is based on development and people. Her eyes are blue due several reasons {{ its half head canon }}. European influence, Southern lights or Aurora Austalis, color most seen in the region, or the most common flag used to represent antarctica. She is normally cold in touch {{ as I head canon most are? }} and won't warm up easily. Her name itself. Victoria comes from the region " Victoria Land", believed to be discovered by james Clark Ross 1841. Her middle name, Palma, didn't come until some time after her discovery. She picked it up after Emilio Scott Palma, the first baby born in antarctica {{ also granted Argentine citizenship after he was born}}. Scott, her middle name comes from Robert Falcon Scott. He lead the british Antarctic expedition of the Terra Nova expedition. His goal was to reach the south pole first

Place itself

♕ Antarctica< is the worlds southernmost region. It is the world's with largest continent and contains the geographical South Pole. It is the coldest, windiest and the driest place upon earth. It is considered a desert and has little precipitation. It does not snow in Antarctica. 98% of Antarctica is covered with at least 1 mile thick ice. There are only specific animals that has the ability to survive in this environment.

♕ Astronomical observations from the interior of antarctica are excellent. The high elevations cause low temperatures, lessens the amount of water vapor and light pollution in the atmosphere, thus giving of one of the worlds clearest views on space. Aurora Austalis can be seen up in the sky, also known as the Southern Lights. Aurora Austalis takes the shape of a curtain of light. Often its colors are green and perhaps red, though it is followed by many others.

♕ The ice sheet covering Antarctica consists more of 70% of the whole world's fresh water. Oil is also reserved in the seabed but is not to be touched due to the limited exploration and research. The US Geological Survey estimated 45 billion barrels of oil off of the Antarctic West side. The official US statistics estimated that the Weddel and Ross seas alone are are expected to posses 50 billion barrels of oil, an amount roughly equivalent to that of Alaska's estimated reserves.

♕ Antarctica is divided up into two regions be the Transantarctic mountains close to the Weddel Sea and the Ross Sea. The portion west of the Weddell Sea and east of the Ross Sea is called West Antarctica and the remainder East Antarctica.

♕ More than 170 million years ago, Antarctica was part of the Supercontinent Gondwana. Over time, Gondwana gradually broke apart and Antarctica as we know it today was formed around 25 million years ago. 

♕ there are over 85 monuments in antarctica and they are protected under the antarctic treaty system.

 The Norwegian–British–Swedish Antarctic Expedition was the first expedition to Antarctica involving an international team of scientists.

♕Significant Events: 

O The history of the continent seems to date back to Western theories of a large landmass, known as Terra Australis and It was believed to exist very far south of the globe. "Antarctic" is the term referring to the opposite of the arctic circle, concluded by Marinus of Tyre in the 2nd Century AD.  {{ I headcanon that this is when she appeared, as no one knows when or how countries are really born. But I say, If someone believes in it or say something about it... }}

O  The Doubling of the Cape of Good Hope in 1487 by Bartolomew Dias first brought explorers to touch the Antarctic Cold, proving there was ocean between Africa and Antarctica if Antarctica existed.

O Captain James Cook (1773) was the first to have crossed the Antarctic Circle although he found nearby Islands, he however did not catch sight of the mainland itself.

O In 1820, the Russian expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev claimed to have sighted the landmass first.

O The norweigan expedition led by Roald Amundsen December 14 1911, were the first to reach the south pole.

O Caotain Carl Anton Larsen {1892} took the fame of being the first to ski upon this continent. His event lead to the naming of an ice shelf, now named Larsen Ice shelf.

O The Terra Nova Expedition that was lead by Robert Falcon Scott, January, 17 1912 had a goal to reach the geographical south pole first but were beaten by Amundsen. On their way back Amundsen *UK* and his whole crew seemed to have disappeared. 

O In 1935, Caroline Mikkelsen, wife of a Norwegian man, was the first woman who stepped upon the land of antarctica. A Russian marine biologist by the name of Marie V. Klenova, helped create the first antarctic atlas, published by the soviet union.

O The terra Nova expedition that was lead by Robert Falcon Scott had a goal to reach the south pole first. The journey was beaten by Roald Amundsen who had arrived 33 days earlier. Even though Scott and his party reached the south pole never less, they all ceased and disappeared on their journey back. It was tragic that they all seem to have died on their return. 

The Antarctic Treaty:The Antarctic treaty { 1959} was signed by 12 nations active in Antarctica during the time of International geophysical year {1957-58}. These nations include argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa United Kingdom, United States, and the USSR { mostly present day Russia and Ukraine }. "Its sole purpose was to ensure the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not be a scene or object of international discord". It was also to prevent the cold war {{ tension between USSR and the USA }} to spread over this region as well. The treaty entered into force June 23 {1961} and applies to the area south of 60 degrees south latitude.The treaty basically restricts military, weapons, claims, and other reasons that can cause conflict upon the continent itself. The treaty however is due to end 2048 or even before that date. It my lead to conflict. 

Claims and Presence:Though the Antarctic treaty is indeed still active there are some countries who have "claimed" regions of the continent. They include Great Britain {made formally in 1926}, New Zealand {1923}, Australia { 1936}, Norway {1939}, Chile {1940}, Argentina {no formal claim}, and France {1924}.The claims are all mostly based on discovery, decree, or adjacency. Once sector is unclaimed though { Marie Byrd Land } { Fun Fact: On November 2, 2001, American Travis McHenry claimed this land as a micronation called Westarctica. Though it is not recognized by any country despite its attempt. }}Conflict over the claims can occur. Such can also be due to overlapping claims and other tensions. Argentina fired at the British when they tried to land at Hope Bay { February 2, 1952 }.There are two nations who have the ability to make future claims however do not approve or recognize of any of the claims made to the continent. Those two include the USA an the USSR. 

Relations/ Mentions Of Other Significant Countries: {{ wip}}

Antarctic treaty Original signatory Countries:

Argentina-Antártida:  Argentina is probably one of the most closest countries to the continent. The country is closest to Antarctica and the Antarctic peninsula which holds two of the biggest Argentine bases Esperanza and Marambio and they hold together 70 buildings. Argentina is also one of the countries who has claimed the regions of the continent. Argentine claim overlaps the chilean claim and the British claim. The first baby born in Antarctica was as well in the matter of fact an Argentine, named Palma. Argentina has a permanent occupation for more than a century, and controls the oldest base in Antarctica (Orcadas Station on Laurie Island).Argentina constructed Antarctica's first airport in 1969 as well. Argentines form more of Antarctica's peninsula's population than nationals of any other country. Argentina has sent more people to Antarctica than all the other countries together. Argentina also conducts many rescue missions in antarctica and has constructed lighthouses and other aids in this region. The Instituto Antártico Argentino (IIA; English: Argentine Antarctic Institute ) is the Argentine federal agency in charge of orientating, controlling, addressing and performing scientific and technical research and studies in the Antarctic.

Australia-Antarctica: Is  one of the original countries who signed the Antarctic Treaty. The country has a claim that is also the largest out of all the claims that has been cut out of the continent. Australia runs three permanent stations. Mawson, Davis and Casey.The region of the Australian claim is rich in manganese ores, iron ores, coal and hydrocarbons. The nation is however concerned about the growing perchance of Russia and China in the region. Whaling in Australian Antarctic territorial waters is controversial and has received international attention.  Anti-whaling protest groups in particular, Sea Shepard conservation society have been active within the Australian Antarctic territorial waters.  Sea Shepherd small boat crews have had multiple encounters with Japanese ships that claim to be on research expeditions while opponents argue this is only a "cover" for banned commercial whaling.

Belgium : Belgium has an original signatory on the Antarctic treaty and was one of the 12 who were present at the time signing it. In 1897 the expedition led by Belgian Adrian de Gerlache and his crew, including amundsen, were the first to spend winter in Antarctica on the ship the Belgica. However the ship had become stuck and after struggles and the ship was free, some of the crew had lost sanity because of international differences and the harsh climate. Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is a scientific Polar station which is Belgian. It is the first polar base that combines eco-friendly material to run the base on friendly energy, waste and consumption. It runs entirely on solar and wind energy. Sixty years after the Belgica left the port of Antwerp for his historical journey to Antarctica, a new Belgian Antarctic expedition was prepared. Reason for this was the International Geophysical Year. Between 1 July 1957 and 31 December 1958 twelve countries set up geophysical observation programs in Antarctica. In this period there was a great sun activity. Also Belgium participated in the project. 

Chile-Antártica : Out of the 12 nations, Chile signed the Antarctic treaty too. Chile has as well, a claim on the continent, which overlaps England and Argentina's claim. Antártica commune is a chilean commune and is the largest commune in Chile, being over 25 times the size of the next largest commune, Natales. According to the Chilean argument, its claim to Antártica Chilena is as old as Chile itself.

England-Antarctica: Was one of the 12 countries who signed the Antarctic Treaty pact. The United Kingdoms has as well claimed part of the antarctic peninsula and overlaps Argentina and Chile's claims.The Territory was formed on 3 March 1962, although the UK's claim to this portion of the Antarctic dates back to Latters Patent of 1908-1917. In 2012, the southern part of the territory was named Queen Elizabeth Land in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. The United Kingdom governs the disputed Falkland Island and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. These islands were the main reason for the Falklands War of 1982 between the UK and Argentina. The control of these islands is an important advance in the UK's ambitions for the south. Edward Brandsfield is also credited for the first sighting of Antarctica. In 1943, World War II, the UK undertook a military operation known as Operation Tabarin, to provide reconnaissance and meteorological information in the South Atlantic Ocean. This "secret" wartime project became the civilian Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey and later the British Antarctic Survery (BAS). BAS is responsible for most of the United Kingdom's scientific research in Antarctica.

France-Antarctique: Signed the Antarctic treaty alongside 11 other nations. France is in control of Adélie Land that was discovered in 1840 by Jules Dumont who named the land after his wife. Dumont d'Urville Station is a base owned by the french and is a winter and summer occupied base.

Japan-南極:  The Japanese Antarctic Expedition was the first exploration of Antarctic territory by an expedition from Japan. Japan has had several whaling interests in the region as well with Australia. The Japanese also have bases along the continent that are used for research and study. Japan does not recognize the Australian claim.

New Zealand-Antarctica: New Zealand signed the Antarctic Treaty and has a territorial claim as well. NZ runs bases but uses the Scott Base the most. It is a year round base. New Zealand involvement in Antarctica was also close to the United Kingdoms. New Zealand is one of the closer countries to the Antarctic. The involvement with new zealand and antarctica began in 1923 when the activities were close with the UK's. The New Zealand Antarctic Society was formed in 1933 and has branches in New Zealand's main centres as well as an international membership.

Norway-Antarctica: The country signed the Antarctic Treaty as well. Norway is as well as one of the countries who have a territorial claim on the continent. The Norweigan expedition, led by Carl Anton Larsen (1892) was the first to discover fossils in Antarctica. He also took the fame for being the first to ski in the land, naming the ice shelf Larsen Ice shelf, after himself. The Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole.

Russia-Антарктида: In 1820, there has been several expeditions who had claimed to be the first to sight Antarctica. The first one however being the Russian expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev(Captain of the Russian Imperial Navy. The Russian Federation currently plays a major part in world affairs, one of the great powers of the world, and the successor state to the former Soviet Union. Russia is currently one of the most active nation in Antarctica, and is one of the few nations which has the right to make a claim in Antarctica. Diplomatic relations with Russia are critical. During the Antarctic Treaty Russia was as well holding one of the most active positions. The country was one of the big 12 who, during the period of Cold War, had signed the treaty. Russia has growing activity in the Australian Antarctic Territory, which made teams from the Australian parties concerned. Russia has multiple stations in the AAT since the Soviet Union era. Moscow's long-standing Antarctic presence makes it difficult for Canberra to protest.The Russians were the first to drill 2.5 miles deep down into the frozen ice to reach the sub-glacial lake. Vostok holds the worlds record for the coldest temperature. The Russians built Trinity church, a 15 meter high building at Antarctica's King George Island. Peter I Island discovered by Russian explorer Fabian Bellingshausen.

South Africa: South Africa is one of the original signatory states of the Antarctic Treaty. South Africa has 2 bases used to understand the environment and other information in the continent.

United States: Signed the Antarctic Treaty. The first Landing was over a year after Bellingshausen's sighting, when the American Captain John Davis, a sealer, set foot on ice.The first documented landing on east antarctica was at Victoria Land by the American Sealer Mercator Cooper on January 26, 1853. The Amundsen scott station is the station located precisely at the geographical south Pole. The name honors the Norwegian expedition to reach the pole as well as Robert F. Scott who reached it five days later but then Scott's whole team perished on the way back.


{{ these are nations that Have signed the Antarctic Treaty and may have bases or other significant roles in this continent. It includes the original 12 signatory ones as well. So far there are 50 treaty members. 28 are consulting, 22 are acceding. }}

Argentina{1961} Austalia{1961} Austria{1987} Belarus{2006} Belgium{1960} Brazil{1983} Bulgaria{1998} Canada{1988} Chile{1961} China{1983} Colombia {1989} Cuba{1984} Czech{1962} Denmark{1965} Ecuador{1987} Estonia {2001} Finland{1984} France{1960} Germany{1974} Greece{1987} Guatemala{1991} Hungary{1984} India{1983} Italy{1981} Japan{1960} Malaysia{2011} Monaco{2008} Netherlands{1967} New Zealand{1960} NorthKorea{1987} Norway{1960} Pakistan{2012} PapuaNewGuinea{1981} Peru{1981} Poland{1961} Portugal{2010} Romania{1971} Russia/Ussr{1960} Slovakia{1962} SouthAfrica{1960} SouthKorea{1986} Spain{1982} Sweden{1984} Switzerland{1990} Turkey{1996} Ukraine{1992} UnitedKingdoms{1960} UnitedStates{1960} Uruguay{1980} Venezuela{1999}

Sweden-Antarktis: {1901-1904} Otto Nordenskjöld, a Swedish geologist and geographer, organized and led a scientific expedition of the Antarctic Peninsula. In 2005, for the first time, Sweden hosted the annual conference of the Parties to the Antarctic Treaty. The conference, which went on for two weeks, took place in Stockholm on 6-17 June. Approximately 300 delegates attended: government representatives, experts, researchers and observers, as well as representatives of international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

Brazil-Antártica: {1982} The Brazilian Government launched their first expedition and a year later made their first base named Comandante Ferraz. It was named after a deceased naval officer active in Antarctica. Despite their status as newcomers, Brazilian geopolitical writers have had considerable influence on the nation’s Antarctic policies. In February 1991, President Fernando Collor de Mello reaffirmed Brazil's interest in the region by visiting the Brazilian Antarctic base, where he spent three days. He was the first Brazilian president to set foot in the Antarctic. Brazil has a ' zone of interest' much similar to a claim.

Venezuela-Antártica: Recently an antarctic project developed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuale with support of various latin american countries has led 4 expeditions with studies. Venezuela’s Vice-Minister of Development, Science and Technology Jorge Arreaza said that with this project, “Venezuela is going to have a presence in all areas, which allows Venezuelan scientists to conduct studies on climate change in polar regions. 

Germany: {1938-1945} Germany sent expeditions like many other countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of them being scientific. The first German expidition to antarctica was in 1901-1903. It was led by Erich von Drygalski, who was the first to use a hot air ballon in antarctica. The third expedition {1038-1939} an expedition was sent to find a place for a german whaling station as a way to increase germany's production of fat. December 17 1938 the New Swabia expedition left for the region. It was a secret expedition with 33 members plus Schwabenland's crew of 24. Nazi German flags were placed on the sea ice along the coast, naming the area {Now norwegian} New Schwabenland. 7 flights were made. About a dozen 1.2 meter-long aluminum arrows, with 30 centimeter steel cones and three upper stabilizer wings embossed with swastikas, were air dropped onto the ice at turning points of the flight polygons. But now the area is deceased and belongs to norway.

Ukraine: Ukraine joined the Committee for Scientific Antarctic Research {1994}. They had found themselves without a share of stations after the collapse of the soviet union since all went to Russia. In 1995 Great Britain offered to give Ukraine its Antarctic station Faraday.  Since building a new station and equipping it would involve very considerable expenses, Ukraine accepted the kind offer and in July 1995 a corresponding agreement was signed as well as a memorandum of mutual understanding between the British Antarctic Service and the Center of Antarctic Research Center of Ukraine. The station was renamed and now it is called Akademik (Academician) Vernadsky. In 2004 the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine was elected to join Antarctic Treaty as a Consultative Party. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCM) are the international forum for the administration and management of Antarctica. 

Belarus : Belarus, having been part of the Soviet Union has growing interest in the region. The main goal of research in the region are for peaceful biological and scientific researches. July 31'st 2013 Russia confirmed the readiness to assist Belarus in the construction of its Antarctic station, acting ahead of the national polar reseach center. The head of the Belarusian Antarctica expedition, Aleksei Gaidashov told BelTa participation with the russian representatives. The research station is planned to be built soon within the future.

 Romania: Law-Racoviță Station is the first Romanian station for the research. The station was constructed in 1986 by australia and donated to this country.


All information found on wiki and google

Layout and background (c) FlopyLopez

Antarctica oc (c) ME

Hetalia (c) Hima

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And I see you ship her with Russia ;w; 
That's so cute asdfghjkl;
RosseLiz Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your OC is a little like my OC for Kaliningrad! One of my friends at school likes Russia so she demanded me to create a character for her and she was bloody scary when she did it. Nonetheless, I still ship Russia and Antarctica because they seem lovely enough! Besides that... can I attempt to draw out your OC and post it at my gallery, just as a wee favour? I'll try my best to make it realistic as possible but please understand that it'll turn out to be drawn with a pencil... I don't have any digital programmes to create sophisticated artworks
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
haha i see XD
Of course you can ;; < 3 itd be an honor!
Oh no no! I am quite in love with traditional work just as i am with digital! 
Zytkanya-8545 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
there's a little error with the hair strand it looks cut from her white jacket but it's okay she's still cute with her icy-blue eyes and golden-looking boots....
the reason I just don't ship russica because pairing too cold(BRRRR I'm freezing) and according to Himaruya , Russia hates snow,ice,something cold etc......I kindly like to pair her with New Zealand because it's too fluffy and cute (I call it NZSica) Sheepishly Pengiuns
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Ah okay thank you for the feedback !
lol I don't mind you not shipping it I don't care it's your opinion XD 
- but an opinion from me, just because :
according to himaruya perhaps he does not like the cold, I will say neither does Victoria either. 
I just thought it'd be a great thing to have someone who understand what Russia has been through 
is quite cute * they could relate* and such. So I don't believe russia would be as heartless to care about weather when it comes to another person.  Just my opinion here because  I don't ship anything canonically, just AU.  Lol I don't think he'd hate her though, even as friends he still comes back. But I don't mind. XD your free to ship whatever you like. *only opinion, just a friendly note*

actually New Zealand I see it more as platonic like Australia.
i ship Argentina and Antarctica tho, but depending on who. 
Zytkanya-8545 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
I can nearly understand this one (like other antartica OCs they kindly miss lots of things) by the way I kindly see that Antartica is a landmass , NOT LAND OF ICE!!!
Antartica has a volcano (jeez I forgot the name) and million years ago she came from the Land of Godwana.(well most people put down on me with my shippings because of my age and yet they don't know that my knowledge expands)I'm kindly suprised that I'm taller than Antartica and I'm twelve years old (maybe I have blood of a Russian because people said I look like a russian)
Don't ask why my comments are specific.
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
If you are mad i didnt mean to upset you. u v u 
And yes i know that antarctica practically is a landmass *obviously* But after 
it was split up with Godwana ice covered it. So its practically just a title. u v u 
" Land Of Ice" Is purely what it could be opinion wise, named at the present time. But yes, underneath all that ice there is land. Antarctica used to be a tropical land that had a variety of nature but now its covered. 
Actually antarctica has a variety of volcanoes including Deception island.…
{{ people arent supposed to put you down with your ships. you are to be free to ship what you want okay. }} But yes, there is a reason why she is short { Mind you, she is one of the last and newest undiscovered lands yet to be explored and has not much development like other countries. . and it kindly says so in the description. 
Oh no i wont ask . I will state that i am willing to improve her as time comes. 
LotusDragonof5000 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
This is the only Antarctica I accept, because this is the only accurate Antarctica I have ever seen!
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Owwww  ;; that is so sweet- 
She is wip but I am glad you like her! 
Ah I'm sure there are others!
NerdyJones Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ughhhhhhh your Antarctica is the best antarctica ever honey ;#; <3333333333
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
omfgggg no not the best l;;;w;;; <3333
but thank you!!~
Bambj Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She is beautiful as always! And wow so much info I love it.
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
aaah thank you so much! * _ * 
omg <3333 i am flattered 
PenguRin Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
I just adore her so much asdf-- <33
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
aaaah thank you so much ;;w;;
PenguRin Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Anytime dear ; v ;
TerramArmsXIII Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lovely change of wear, great!
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
thanks! I thought itd fit her!
TerramArmsXIII Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Starcrystal96 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] 
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Starcrystal96 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student General Artist
welcome :3
Yomilarus Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome~! :D
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
aah thank you !
Yomilarus Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Your welcome~! ^^
inahorange Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
omg your anatomyyy is awesomeee
and she is so accurate omf :iconpapmingplz:
look at all that bootyful info <3
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Omf nono my anatomy nooooooO!!!!

Thank you so much omf
Aaaaah ITS WIP THO :w;
DomingoTheCat Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg she's so cute >u<
she's cuter than my Antarctica.ouo in which she looks like a random female Viking....
Frozen-Q Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Thank you so much u v u 
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