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December 26, 2013
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Snow in Moscow by Frozen-Q Snow in Moscow by Frozen-Q
Okay, yes i know im spamming. Im horribly sorry but i wanted to draw them before I leave for vacation. Eeeh~ Hope you dont mind my bad anatomy... 
Victoria is short as fudge. Seriously more people need to go to antarctica XD well~ Contrast with Ivan who is super tall and Victoria that is very short. there you go-

{Okay, have a short story with Frozen's awful and cheesy writing XD WARNING: OOC, Poor spelling, CHEESE, mary sue moments}
Victoria clenched her hands tightly together and looked awkwardly to the side. She stood silently and lost in front of the tall man. The man being the very person she had seen for the first time. She recalled that time, when he first sighted her and she nearly fainted from seeing another person. And here they were, now in front of Saint Basil's cathedral, Russia. " Its almost like when i first saw you..." the man suddenly spoke, which made the shy one flinch lightly. "Oh?" returned Victoria now looking back at him, passing a glance of curiosity. " Da...when we first sighted each other. It was a bit awkward, but... I got really happy..." Ivan rubbed his temples, a shy blush appearing upon his cheeks. Victoria had to agree and smiled. " Y-yeah. It was..." she turned to him and her face lit up. Ivan took the opportunity to quickly embrace the smaller one into one of his big and strong hugs. " Oh da... Im really happy I met you" he suddenly said. Victoria blushed many shades of red, who knows, maybe even redder than what she was wearing. " I am happy too... I'm sure I-Im more happy than you about that" she said back. Ivan blinked and chuckled. " Nyet. I am. You cant argue against me" he insisted and slowly got closer, leaning down to reach her height. " Oh c-come on! thats not fair!" Victoria knew she could never win against this man like this so she gave up. " But... what made you... interested in my place." began Victoria. She changed the topic and wished to have one of her trillions of questions answered. Ivan didn't pause or even hesitate to answer. " Because... you are so interesting... " The Russian Man looked her into the eyes truthfully. Victoria lost her words to speak. Oh what was this? Why was he telling her this?!" I-Iva-" she didn't manage to utter any words. "B-but... my place... its so cold. I know you want to me in a warm place. I-Im sorry... I... I can't give you those wonderful things that those other countries can" She spoke bitterly. Alright. She didn't really intent for this but she couldn't help it. She had so many questions, so many doubts and troubles. She was not going to start crying... But she did. Ivan looked at her with a sincere smile and ran his hands up to wipe away her tears. "...Victoria, you never come to realize that your place is very beautiful. Even if it is so cold, you have wonderful things that I cant wait to discover. Its like you hold the key to the future" he nearly whispered the words in between their close space. The female blushed and tried not to cry again. Ivan chuckled and enclosed a space between them before the representation from antarctica could even speak. Her eyes widened and she felt her cheeks burn bright red, even admits the cold. " And... you understand me the best... we are similar in many ways... which others won't understand, they have never been in the cold" Russia continued and put his forehead to Victorias. " I..." She had no words for this. What just happened? " Ya tebya lyublyu, Victoria" Ivan said brightly. Victoria's reaction was just to nod. Nod and attempt to talk before she faints or overheats. " Y-ya tebya... lyublyu..." she returned and felt his embrace tighten. " Im so glad... you do" Russia chuckled, which made Victoria slightly giggle. " D-da... y-your  going to get back pain if you keep hugging me ". It was a snowy christmas after all.


Please, these people are just wonderful! I wish you all to go spam them with your love! Its december! They are all so precious!!! * _ * their art is amazing and i just want to say, thank you for such a wonderful year! I hope to see you all improve and just continue being awesome! Your all big inspirations to me and you always help me! Thank you so much! I wish I could tell you more but its hard, now that I have to travel again. But yes! Merry { now late } christmas! Have shoutouts {?} { Omg sorry if i left someone out- im tired its 6:30 in the morning... }
{ Note: I will try to make more gifts though i cannot guarantee it- im very busy so please }

 {//whispers}} join? {{//slapped}


Tommorow im going to Cuba you guys, wont be back until 10 days! Gosh and i dont think there is internet there {dies}.  But anyways!~ Have a great break and be happy! Hope you all are glad and satisfied and lets have another great year!!

Contest Ends At end Of December!!!

(5 DAYS LEFT /December: 30th ) Another ContestUPDATE: DEADLINE: DEC. 30th 
( ! ) 

38 people so far
Please join? ;v;

So yes, Admin here has decided to hold another one since you guys seemed... pretty eager in the poll I held. Here you go my dears.  ( smaller contest ;-; )
Hehe so Frozen here has decided to make this contest a bit harder than the last one, shall we see how fun this might be. ( ohohoho~) { haha no its not as bad as it seems}
Im going to same one theme that is pretty much the basic genre I am basing the contest on. 
theme is: .... Relations and Influence and Simalarities
( Draw you OC or Canon with Mine is also accepted... though the one above will be taken better account for.)
Pretty self explanatory if you ask me. As you know I only have one OC, and yes, I now would love if you did have the ability to draw something that Antarctica is influenced by, together with the person hers

hetalia (c) Himaruya
Antarctica OC (c) Frozen-Q</small></small>
Picture (c) Google

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